Home Renovation

Serenbe Home Builder

Home Renovation is a term that is generally used to describe repairs or upgrades that are completed on an existing home. Home Renovations do not take place on New Home Construction, but instead on homes that are usually several years old and are in need of some repairs and upkeep to continue being a functional home.

Home Renovation includes a very wide variety of projects. It can include but is not limited to;

  • New flooring. New flooring options can include installation of new hardwood, new tiles new carpets or even the recently popular stained concrete floors.
  • Repairs to plumbing or electrical systems. This set of repairs can include a wide variety of things. It may mean that new electrical wires, or pipes are installed. It also may mean that new light fixtures such as chandeliers are installed. Or it even may mean that new toilets, sinks and tubs are placed into the home.
  • Repairs to a roof. This can include the repair of shingles that may have become damaged from a storm, or even in some cases it includes the instillation of a new roof.
  • Repairs to the Foundation or chimney of a home. In some older homes, there may be damage to the foundation or chimney. Martin Dodson Homes can handle the repairs to these items as well.