New Home Construction

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In New Home Construction, YOU get to make the choices! You get to pick the floor plan and make sure that the home is laid out exactly how YOU want it. You get to completely design the home to your liking, (with the help of our talented design team, of course). With building a new home, you can meet with one of our architects and design a new home unique to your familes needs.

We at Martin Dodson Homes make the building process organized and easy for you the customer. The team at Martin Dodson Homes consists of 2 experienced custom home builders, an in house interior designer, and the very best sub-contractors in the Atlanta area. With the Martin Dodson team guiding you through every step of the process, you will be getting the home that you have always dreamed of.

Martin Dodson Homes is a leader in the construction of high performance homes. Since Martin Dodson Homes specializes in Green Homes, this will be at the top of our radar. We will partner together with you to be sure that your home takes advantage of all of the energy efficient options we have to offer.

We at Martin Dodson Homes will work with you to achieve a completed home that meets 21st century energy standards and of the highest quality interior finishes. For some examples of our new homes, please visit our gallery of homes.