Serenbe Community

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If you are not familiar with the Chattahoochee Hills area, then you may find yourself asking, “What is the Serenbe Community all about?” Serenbe is 1,000 acre community that is tucked away in the beautiful Chattahoochee Hills area.

According to it is, “A national model for the future of balanced development in the U.S.— focusing on land preservation, agriculture, energy efficiency, green building, walkability, high density building, arts and culture, and community living for multiple generations.”  The Serenbe Community is the perfect example of successful home and business developments while still preserving the land and leaving as small as possible carbon footprints.

Serenbe Home Builder

Serenbe takes great pride in their property, homes and businesses as well as the Community that they have formed. Through multiple community events that are scheduled each month, Serenbe offers homeowners from the community a chance to connect with one another and really build up a strong neighborhood built on amazing friendship that will last through the years.

The Serenbe Community currently is home to over 30 small businesses including restaurants, clothing shops, a spa and more. The Inn at Serenbe is known for being an amazing place to stay for a weekend getaway. If you are interested in reading more about a specific business in Serenbe you may follow this link.

Serenbe is also home to Serenbe Farms is which they claim to be “A source for local organic food, a place for nurture and nature, a place to get your hands dirty, a place of inspiration and reflection, a place to celebrate the seasons and their bounty, a farm to create and sustain the future”.

The homes that Martin Dodson Homes have built in the Serenbe Community are all Earthcraft certified, and are as Energy Efficient as possible.

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